We at TPG feel both a moral and a spiritual obligation to promote personal success and abilities in order to impact communities. By fostering individual growth, the trickle-down effect of success within entire communities progresses at a swift and steady pace.

For far too long, Native American communities throughout the United States have used their own resources to invest in the needs and aspirations of their individual communities. They have worked to reclaim languages, customs, spiritual traditions, justice systems  and hope. Their resources are few and far between, and job growth and training are being added to their ever-increasing list of complex issues. Resources are not generally shared among tribes, and those that can are building schools, health care facilities, community programs and businesses in an effort to provide visible signposts toward a future with room toward pride and toward possibilities. But resources are running out.

The US government can be a partner in Native American efforts to rebuild and to thrive. Through our advocacy work, we look to tribal leaders, teachers, communities and organizations to identify how the federal government can fulfill promises made in exchange for lost resources and provide necessary support for Native American communities reclaiming their strength.

We coordinate faith partners to bring additional voices to many issues, taking cues from our many collective years of experience and the priorities articulated by the Native American community. We illuminate possibilities for investment that the federal government may have overlooked or underfunded, and we provide information on the continuing struggles of the Native American people.

"Potential concealed is potential never revealed."

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