What We Do

We have assembled a team of experienced professionals from across a spectrum of disciplines
with the express goal of providing guidance to businesses, Tribal governments, local governments, and non-profit entities in their pursuit of financial independence. The Pierite Group provides access to a broad range of professional resources.  We seek to understand the unique circumstances of each entity and employ the necessary resources to ensure their long-term success. While we are primarily focused on non-gaming tribes, we can also be a valuable resource to tribes looking to diversify and expand their economic development beyond gaming.


By providing long-term sustainable results, we help our clients achieve both market-based and social goals that improve the well-being of communities served by our clients.

We at The Pierite Group feel both a moral and a spiritual obligation to promote personal success and abilities in order to impact communities.

Commitment to Community
We work with local community programs and faith-based organizations topromote youth development.
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