Workforce Development

Workforce development is an approach that attempts to enhance a region's economic stability and prosperity by focusing on people rather than businesses.

Workforce development has evolved from a problem-focused approach, addressing issues such as low-skilled workers or the need for more employees in a particular industry, to a holistic approach considering participants' many barriers and the overall needs of the region.

TPG works in partnership with local elected officials and businesses to meet the workforce development needs in the state by maintaining a valuable workforce with employment, training, and educational resources. TPG specializes in delivering innovative services and solutions for both statewide employers and job seekers.


TPG provides clients with first-rate employment, training, and consulting services. We offer support in finding the employees that organizations require for short and long-term workforce needs.   We also provide refresher courses for workers with skills which have faded with time, screening for potential employees and training programs.

Job Seekers

Workforce Development is a lifelong resource to all job seekers and a means to help in career training, education, job searches, support services, personal growth, and preparation for work-related self-sufficiency.

TPG provides educational services to job seekers by helping them find educational opportunities, occupational or vocational training and other resources that develop work competencies. 

Job Skills and Soft-Skills Preparation Assistance
Soft skills are the interpersonal skills that characterize a person’s relationships with other people.  In the workplace, soft skills are considered a complement to hard skills, which refer to a person’s knowledge and occupational talents (technical skills). Individuals with less traditional education (Disadvantaged Workers) often struggle with basic people skills, therefore, TPG will focus on programs to further develop the key people skills needed for successful employment including:
  • Work Ethics, Attitude & Productivity
  • Communication
  • Grooming
  • Teamwork
Supportive Services
We also assist job seekers with supportive services via referrals and other available means to enhance their employment success factor. Supportive Services are services which are reasonable and necessary to enable job seekers to participate in activities that support gainful employment.

Traditional, Cultural and Spiritual Guidance
Providing faith-based services to workers encourages an atmosphere of social bonding and team building. It can serve as a sounding board to discuss difficult topics in a supportive and nonjudgmental setting. 

Spiritual guidance can be reflective in relating to a sense of purpose without defining or identifying the existence of specific religious beliefs. It is the journey of seeking the understanding of self through group interactions and support.

There are also many secular topics which tackle issues from a non-spiritual     perspective:
  • Forgiveness in Relationships
  • Expressing Anger
  • Coping with Change
  • Managing Depression

At-Risk Youth

At-Risk Youth Initiative
Today’s youth in general are challenged with the daunting task of finding employment in a truly competitive job market.  Millions of youth across the country are at risk of not achieving economic self-sufficiency as they move into adulthood.  We recognize the need for a comprehensive approach in providing direct pathways to gainful employment through assessment and testing, skill development, mentorships and job search assistance for at-risk youth. 

"America’s young people face record unemployment, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they’ve got the opportunity to earn the skills and a work ethic that come with a job. It’s important for their future, and for America’s.”

-  President Obama


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