Native American Advocacy

We understand the importance
of establishing partnerships with Tribal Nations and implementing programs for the advancement of Native American communities. The path to financial freedom is linked to education, health and wellness, and opening economic opportunities on tribal lands.

Tribal Governance

An essential component of any successful enterprise is to make sure it’s built on a foundation strong enough to support its growth. We begin most engagements by analyzing a client's needs to give us a starting point.  We then engage a discussion with the Tribal Chairman and/or Tribal Council to determine short and long term goals.  From here, we come back with suggestions for optimal allocation of resources for economic development.

Native American Economic Development

Economic development is necessary to the long term viability of tribes to maintain their independence from Federal subsidies. We have identified several industries that benefit from the unique circumstances surrounding doing business with Native American Tribes including sovereignty protections and tax advantages. At TPG we work to identify specific opportunities for our clients based on their current resources and the potential for success. We will work with each tribe to implement the business plan from pre-launch and start-up to full implementation. 

Financial Advisory

We focus on developing financial service products and bringing them to market in Indian Country. We extend our resources and capabilities to assist in navigating the regulatory process through the final stages of product implementation.​  These ventures are created with the purpose of improving the quality of life for the client (tribes) and its members by creating economic projects that lead to financial success.

Grant Management Services

TPG ​​Grant Management Services will assist tribes in centralizing grant activities to minimize operational costs, subsidize personnel expenses, and maximize project efficiency. From start to finish, we will provide transparency, provide a strategic points contact for grant activities, and seek new and innovative funding opportunities. ​​
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