Client Products

In addition, Mello Joy offers State of the art Brewing Equipment to meet all of your Coffee, Cappuccino & Iced Tea needs along with 24/7 equipment service. Learn more about Mello Joy Coffee.

InvisiGlides are used to distribute weight evenly to increase furniture longevity and to reduce noise associated with moving furniture. InvisiGlides are recommended for all hard floor surfaces. The open design fits multiple shapes and sizes and comes in foursizes. The transparent sleeve blends in with most furniture and comes with a 1-year guarantee. Learn more about InvisiGlides.

Golf Swing Assistant
The Elmore Companies Product Development Department was inspired by Martin Kaymer to develop the Golf Swing Assistant. The Golf Swing Assistant improves golf players’ swing by guiding the users form throughout the swing motion.Type your paragraph here.

The unique design of this product places a tethered tennis ball between a golfer’s arms to allow the golfer to maintain straight form through the golfer’s back swing.This assistance improves overall performance by several stokes throughout a round a golf.


One Mile
“What you see is one mile of highway, which will only allow you to travel one mile, but with The Pierite Group, we have the capability to take one mile of highway and turn it into one mile of runway and take you all over the world!”
- Marshall Pierite, CEO
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